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Open Guard Sweep with Ricky Lundell

Open Guard Sweep with Ricky Lundell


One of the first reversals we might learn in BJJ is the elevator sweep. It’s a self defense essential, and it gives us insight into how to begin using our insteps to elevate our training partners in order to sweep them. Elevation is a key concept in pursuing reversals in your BJJ training, but all BJJ players know the dangers of allowing their opponents to elevate them. They quickly begin to recognize the dangers of allowing your opponent to gain position that permits them to elevate. At a very basic level the elevator sweep can teach us much about reversing, but it can be thwarted quite simply if your partner posts their opposite leg to reestablish their balance.

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In this video Ricky Lundell shows us how to salvage the reversal when your partner has opted to base their opposite leg to stop the sweep. Have a look.

From the elevator sweep position Lundell’s partner has chosen to post his opposite leg to defend the reversal. Lundell places great importance on the control over his partners arm. Instead of using a cuff grip on the sleeve, he chooses control his partners arm at the elbow. This will keep his opponent’s hand from finding its way to the floor and acting as a post.

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Lundell uses the extension of his elbow to put a halt to any hopes his partner may have of posting with his hand. With his right hand placed inside of the collar, Lundell uses his grip on his partners lapel to control his posture. He then places his left foot on his partners knee to block his leg from coming forward.  Lundell then continues by pushing his partners leg with his left foot, and using the same elevation with his right instep, completing the sweep.

This is great simple adjustment to a very important sweep. We all need a firm understanding of the fundamental BJJ techniques, but we also need contingencies for when they fail. Great stuff!

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