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Transition from Baseball Bat Choke to Bread Cutter with Kurt Osiander

Transition from Baseball Bat Choke to Bread Cutter with Kurt Osiander


Easy Choke Chain In The Gi!

The lapels were made for choking. When we train in the gi we are presented with hundreds of different ways to make our partner tap. The kimono offers a multitude of grip sets, and methods to strangle your partners. The ability to transition between these different opportunities is critical if you hope to keep your partners on the defensive, and eventually lock in the strangle.

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The baseball bat choke is one of the tightest choking style submissions in the game. Once it’s locked in and you begin turn that corner, the tap often comes way earlier than expected. This is also a tough choke to set up without telegraphing it a bit, which can give your partner a head starts on defending your attack. If they do see it coming, and throw a wrench into your plans with some solid defense, try this transition to the equally brutal bread cutter choke. In this video Kurt Osiander demonstrates how to connect a failed baseball bat choke attempt to the bread cutter. Check it out.

While attempting to set up his grips for the baseball bat choke, Osiander’s partner uses his right arm to cut through the center of Osiander’s set up and stop him from connecting his arms together to tighten the choke. Rather than trying to power through the defense, Osiander shows us how to transition to the bread cutter instead.

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He first removes his far side choking hand from his partners collar and places it palm up under his partners near side arm, securing a four-finger grip inside the lapel. He then swims his other hand to the far collar and achieves a thumb in style grip. Osiander the straightens his left leg to transfer all of his bodyweight to the forearm of his thumb down grip. This creates a tremendous amount of pressure on his partners neck and forces the tap.

It’s not over when your partner defends the baseball choke! Be ready to transition to something just as effective!

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