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DC to relinquish 205 lb Title

DC to relinquish 205 lb Title


According to the all-time great himself...

Before UFC 232 is set to kick off Daniel Cormier will officially relinquish his 205 lb title before it is "stripped". This is coming off the heels of another Jon Jones stirrup with USADA. Jones reportedly tested positive for trace amounts of a long-term metabolite causing controversy once again for the UFC.

So let's put all of the controversy aside let's focus on DC for a bit shall we? Cormier has had one of the most storied careers in all of Mixed Martial Arts. Cormier has repeatedly reached the pinnacle of whatever endeavor he is currently partaking. At Oklahoma state he had a stellar career becoming All-American in 2001. He took second on the national stage to perhaps the best wrestler to ever do it, Cael Sanderson. 6 of his 10 losses were to Sanderson. 

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For some people this is more than enough accomplishment to hold down the local pub for some story time and accolades. DC however always pushes forward. He then went on to take 4th place at the 2004 Olympics. DC represented team USA in 2008 as Olympic wrestling team captain, only to be withdrawn due to Kidney Failure.

These shortcomings only make what DC has done in the world of MMA that much more impressive. DC has one of the best fight resumes of any athlete past or present. In 9 years DC has gone undefeated at Heavyweight. He is the only fighter in UFC history to hold both Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight titles simultaneously. DC is also short for double-champ. 

Sadly many times in DC's storied MMA career the shadow of Jones loomed. Not this time. DC is relinquishing his belt as of Saturday night at UFC 232. It won't be stripped, but vacated. Not to get to philosophical, but it is interesting that at many junctures of his career things were taken from DC. This time he is making the decision to walk away from it.

No hateful build up. No controversy. It's a clean break and a great chance for DC to finish out his career on top. Everyone knows the baddest man on the planet has always been the Heavyweight Champ!


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