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Opinion: Cormier’s Key to Victory At UFC 230

Opinion: Cormier’s Key to Victory At UFC 230


Can DC Retain His Heavyweight Title?

This weekend we are treated to the main event of UFC 230 between all-time great Daniel Cormier and fan favorite Derrick Lewis. With all of the chaos leading up to finding a main event for Madison Square Garden we should be thankful for these two great fighter’s to have accepted the bout on a month’s notice.

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Typically fight breakdown’s focus on overall skills. Obviously Cormier, an ex-Olympian, will have the advantage in the grappling department. Lewis, who currently is tied for all time KO’s at heavyweight, will have the advantage when it comes to putting someone’s lights out. For this breakdown I’d like to focus on one key technique that if implemented will likely sway the bout in Cormier’s favor.

The technique we will be discussing is the under hook. Anytime the fight gets into punching distance look for Cormier to close the gap and utilize a strong under hook game. This will allow DC to put the battle where he wants. He could wear Lewis down up against the cage, or utilize it for a takedown to take the much heavier Lewis to the canvas. Most importantly however, is that the under hook will open DC’s criminally underrated striking game.

Derrick Lewis will be forced to make a decision. Either he is complacent with the under hook and let’s DC wear on him and take him down, or he defends by engaging in a pummeling battle. This is where DC can catch Derek. As Lewis pummels to reverse the under hook expect DC to come over the top with a big hand.

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DC has a grappling advantage with just about anyone on Earth, but I’m predicting a big TKO from the AKA standout. Much like his fight with Stipe back in July, on paper the striking advantage goes to DC’s opponent. We all know how that fight ended which made DC the newest champ-champ in the UFC. So, to get you amped for the coming battle enjoy a powerful highlight for Mr. Cormier.

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