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Jacare Vs Weidman At UFC 230!

Jacare Vs Weidman At UFC 230!


Who Takes This Co-Main Event For A Potential Shot At The Middleweight Title?

The co-main event scheduled for this weekend is a BJJ fan’s dream. Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza meets up with New York’s own Chris Weidman. Both men are black belts in the gentle art. Let’s hope someone lands a takedown so we can see some ground work from two of MMA’s best.

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Chris Weidman made a name for himself when he knocked out Anderson Silva, who at the time seemed all but invincible. Weidman earned his nick name “The All-American” from his wrestling chops at Hofstra where he became a two time NCAA D-1 All American. He began training Jiu-Jitsu at the famed Matt Serra BJJ Academy, where in 2015 he earned his black belt. Weidman is riding a big win over current title challenger Kelvin Gastelum.

If you have watched any classic BJJ highlights you surely have seen Jacare. Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza is widely regarded as the best Jiu-Jitsu player to ever compete in the UFC. Jacare has had a storied career in the UFC much like Weidman, yet has never held UFC gold. The title picture seems pretty clear in the UFC’s middleweight division. Robert Whitaker and Kelvin Gastelum are currently set to face off for the title. The winner of this bout is a clear front runner to challenge the winner.

Although both fighters have stand out grappling skills, overtime they both have grown partial to letting their hands and feet do the talking while standing. Jacare is coming off of a huge KO win in Derek Brunson’s home state. We all saw what happened to Anderson Silva when he was getting a little too comfortable with Weidman back in 2013.

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What battle will we see take place? Will it be two world class grapplers negating the other’s takedowns? Or will we see Jacare finally get taken down in the middleweight division? Can Weidman repeat the magic he put on display with Jacare’s former team mate Anderson Silva? Those questions will be answered come Saturday in MSG.

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