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Overeem Victorious In St. Petersburg

Overeem Victorious In St. Petersburg



The UFC returned to Russia this weekend to put on a fight night that originally had MMA Legend Alistair Overeem slated to take on rising Russian Heavyweight Alexander Volkov. When Volkov had to withdraw from the fight Alexey Oleynik stepped in to take on The Reem. If you’ve been watching MMA for sometime it seemed as though we would be treated to a classic grappler vs striker bout.

If you have followed Oleynik’s career at all you surely have witnessed him finish with submissions that no one else has hit in the history of MMA. In the UFC alone he has hit two ezekiel chokes, one while being MOUNTED! When “The Boa Constrictor” enters the cage many grappler fans start to salivate because they know if he is able to get his arms in an entanglement on his opponent’s neck it’s a wrap.

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Alistair Overeem has has quite the storied career. In this fight he actually had less MMA fights than his opponent Oleynik, which doesn’t happen for Overeem very much. Coming off of a TKO victory after a string of losses, Overeem looked to earn a victory over his former teammate Oleynik.

The fight didn’t go quite as you’d expect. Oleynik was using unorthodox striking techniques to attempt to bludgeon The Reem. Minus a guard pull attempt in the beginning of the fight there wasn’t much ground work. Overeem was able to keep it on the feet and utilize strong knees to Oleynik.

Like many times before Overeem used his skill in the clinch to drop Oleynik. Eventually, after some hefty ground and pound the match was stopped at 4:45 of the first round. If you’d like a breakdown from BJJFANATIC’s Chael P. Sonnen check out this quick video to have the American Gangster captivate his dear listeners. Check it out below!

Although both athletes are in the top 10, it’s not clear what this fight will do to the rankings. Alistair was sitting at #7 with Volkov, his former opponent, sitting one slot ahead of him. So it makes sense to reschedule to see who can start to climb towards the top of the heap.

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