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In need of a new gi? One that is high quality, breathable and made for a Jiu jitsu competitor as tough as you? Look no further then the Overhook brand of gi’s. Overhook is a bit of a smaller known brand. But don’t let that deter you. They make great gi’s, not only for the seasoned competitor, but also for the everyday student. Let’s take a look at two of their gi’s that are currently on sale at BJJ Fanatics.

The first gi is Overhook Deluxe White Gi. There is something very traditional about the white gi. With all of the silly colors that kimono’s are made into these days, it is nice to see yourself in a white gi. Just like Helio Gracie himself. The deluxe white gi is made from 500 weight gold weave cotton. It will feel light on you, but it can take a thrashing as well. There are interior patches, patches on the outside of the gi and the pants, and also have the Overhook name embroidered on the shoulders. This great looking and sturdy gi is on sale right now for only $99. It comes in A1and goes up to A5.

Click here to see the Overhook Deluxe White Gi for $99.

The next gi I want to share with you is the Overhook Premium Blue Gi. This is a premium gi in every sense of the word. It is made out of 450 weight cotton with a lycra rashguard material as well. It will keep you cool, and looking cool as well. There are four Overhook patches on the kimono (including the pants) and comes with  an outstanding lifetime guarantee, all for only $109! These gi’s run a little big so if you are debating on if you should get a smaller or bigger size, then go with the small. It comes in A1 and goes up to A5.

Click here to see the Overhook Premium Blue Gi for $109.

If you are looking into getting a new gi, look no further than the Overhook gi’s. They will make a fantastic addition to any Jiu Jitsu competitors gear collection. Oss!


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