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Overwrap Uki Waza by John Danaher

Overwrap Uki Waza by John Danaher


John Danaher's second installment of his "Feet To Floor" series is available now. In this series John discusses the highest percentage takedowns, trips, and throws for bringing a BJJ match to the ground in the Gi. Often times, the Gi is seen as an instrument to stall out a match while standing. John, as usual, takes a very tactical and methodical approach to simplifying standing approaches in BJJ and opening your eyes to opportunities. This is NOT just another Judo for BJJ instructional. This is a step by step systematic approach to increasing your takedown percentage in BJJ. Stop fearing standing and start understanding. 

Take this Overwrap Uki Waza for instance. This is a relatively simple way to take a match to the ground, dictate the position, and end in a superior top position. 

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