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FREE PREVIEW - Feet To Floor Volume 2 by John Danaher

FREE PREVIEW - Feet To Floor Volume 2 by John Danaher


John Danaher has released his second installment on "Feet To Floor" volume 2. In this installment he simplifies takedowns for BJJ by demonstrating his unique and simplified system that has worked at the highest levels. This is NOT another Judo or Wrestling for BJJ series. This is a comprehensive guide with conceptual analysis on HOW to take the match to the ground. With tons of technique on his infamous Sumi Gaeshi system, Uchi Mata, and more, this truly is a masterpiece. 

John is the best in the world at simplifying Jiu Jitsu and in BJJ many practitioners neglect the standing aspect because they fear it requires athleticism, youth, and explosiveness. John will show you that this is not the case. Like anything in BJJ, standing is technique and timing.  Check out the FREE trailer below and see for yourself. 

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