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Pass Bernardo Faria's Half Guard With Ease - By The Guy Who Debunked Half Guard

Pass Bernardo Faria's Half Guard With Ease - By The Guy Who Debunked Half Guard


Check out this Slick Tripod Pass by Gabriel Procopio

Gabriel Procopio spent a decade learning how to solve the puzzle that is half guard. A good half guard BJJ player can be incredibly difficult to pass – especially if you are a newer grappler. We often forget that you do not always have to push forward to pass. It should be fairly obvious that a good knee shield or frame is naturally designed to prevent us from moving forward. But what about moving laterally or backwards? This is often the key to success when dealing with a tricky guard player. By accepting they control the distance going forwards, you can decide to use this to your advantage. Gabriel Procopio has spent over a decade with his main training partner Bernardo Faria.

Gabriel Procopio spent a decade learning how to solve the puzzle that is half guard.


Today we will explore one Gabriel’s most notorious ways to defeat half guard: the tripod pass. Watch the video below and then we will break down Gabriel’s technique. Check it out now!

Gabriel Procopio starts the technique in the top half guard knee shield position. The first thing he does is secure an over hook on the leg that is currently in knee shield. He goes directly behind his training partner’s knee and grips the opposite leg gi pants. Procopio reaches for his opponent’s collar and pulls him in closer. From here passing your opponent can be an issue as his legs are very strong. To deal with this Gabriel places his head on his opponent and pressures down while he jumps up to his feet. Notice that his legs and feet are spread wide apart and he maintains his over hook and his pressure. This is where the “tripod” name comes from. From here Gabriel extends his right leg and pushes his training partner’s leg to the mat. Now he extends his arm, and walks around to the side of his opponent. Notice his head maintains connection while walking around – this is a very important detail. Gabriel ends the pass in top side control and now has the advantage over his opponent.

This is a pretty slick half guard pass from Gabriel Procopio. What makes this truly masterful is that he basically renders the knee shield ineffective, and then controls his training partner’s arm and legs while using is head to pressure and pass. Ultimately, a good half guard player is likely going to do everything possible to try and maintain their guard, or switch to another position. By eliminating the ability for them to defend with any part of their body you set yourself up for a very efficient pass. There’s not a lot of athleticism involved in the tripod pass. Instead, it is based on fundamental techniques for a methodical pass. I really enjoyed this one from Gabriel and I hope you did too! I know I will try this one the next time I am on the mats.

Learn The Half Guard Tricks, Tips, And Fundamentals One Of The World’s Best Half Guard Passers Uses To Frustrate And Dominate In The Gym & In Competition Gabriel Procopio has spent years studying how to pass some of the toughest half guards in the world on a daily basis, and now he is bringing that knowledge to you in this 2 DVD set, guaranteed to improve your top game.

With these techniques, you can learn how to consistently stay safe and pass one of the most common guards in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Don’t worry about getting rolled and swept again by larger, stronger fighters, because these secret into how to control and establish position are as subtle as they are important. You’ll go from how to control and pin them down, then how to systematically move to more and more control, ending with you in great position or forcing the submission.

It has always been true that iron sharpens iron, and look no further than Gabriel Procopio. He took what most fighters dreaded, being in Bernardo Faria’s half guard, and instead flourished and made himself into one of the best modern half guard passers.

Now, he is here to share that knowledge with you over a 2-DVD set that will leave you impressed and passing in no time!






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