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Breeze Through The Butterfly Guard With This Awesome Guard Pass

Breeze Through The Butterfly Guard With This Awesome Guard Pass


Butterfly Guard Pass by Justin Hill

Justin Hill is a brown belt under Marcelo Garcia. He was train a lot with Bernardo Faria and has always been a tough opponent. Today Justin came to visit Bernardo Faria at his BJJ school in Boston, Massachusetts and showed us one of his favorite ways to pass the butterfly guard – a technique he learned straight from Marcelo. With this technique you can pass the guard and end up in straight side control, as opposed to 50 50. This is a very unique way of passing the butterfly guard and only requires one slight modification from the normal technique. Watch the video below of Justin Hill demonstrating his favorite butterfly guard pass and then we will discuss it below. Check it out!

They key to this technique is securing the under hook. Marcelo is really good at that. Often times he shoots for the under hook and starts fighting from top side control. Justin does the same thing except when he shoots for the under hook he passes the leg ending in side control. At the same time Justin goes for the under hook he also pushes Bernardo Faria’s knee down to get around his leg. His shoulder and elbow come right to Bernardo’s shoulder and elbow which allows him to easily switch to side control. What is great about this technique is that you can try it at any time without risking much. At worst, you will get stuck in your opponent’s half guard, where you can continue to fight from there. Even if you land in half guard your opponent on bottom is in trouble. You are in a very good position that will make it hard for your opponent to play guard because you are controlling both his arms.

This is a very simple and effective technique for passing a BJJ player’s butterfly guard! Make sure you remember this one the next time you are in a live roll, and do not be afraid to give it a shot! What is the worst that can happen?

Bernardo Faria is arguably the most well rounded BJJ Athlete in the world, with 5... yes 5 world titles. What makes his one of the best is his half guard and his passing - especially his over under pass series. If you are looking to gain all the secrets on how to pass every BJJ guard that has ever existed, then check out his DVD series called Battle Tested Pressuring Passing By Bernardo Faria.

Learn Exactly What The Best Passer In The World Is Thinking As He Teaches You Step-By-Step How To Pass The Toughest Guards You’ll See At Any BJJ Academy or Tournament Bernardo Faria Teaches 29 Of His Best Guard Pass Techniques Updated For 2017. He Also Includes Running Commentary On His Sparring With Another 29 Sessions With Crazy Tough Brown & Black Belts, Including One World Champion.

Your Guard Passing Will Quickly Reach Another Level After Your Watch It.



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