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Perfect Grips To Attack The Triangle Choke

Perfect Grips To Attack The Triangle Choke


Use These Grips To Improve Your Triangle Choke

The triangle choke is a very common submission that can be very highly effective when done with precise technique. By breaking the triangle down into fundamental movement patterns we can improve upon ever little detail that goes into making it a successful submission. The triangle choke is considered by many in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to be an easy to learn, hard to master submission. So what does it take for a successful triangle? One of those most over looked aspects of this submission is your grips. Today we are going to look a triangle from Jay Wadsworth in which he uses a grip on the outside of his opponent’s gi pants. Jay Wadsworth, a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt, has developed a very unique guard style known as the “92 Double Sleeve Guard.” Today we are going to look at a technique he uses to secure a very tight triangle built off of this guard premises. Jay takes away his opponents pressure by securing two strong grips. With all that said let’s watch the video and then we will break down the technique. Check out the video below!

Jay's 92 Double Sleeve Guard is a great attacking guard position for triangle chokes, arm bars, omoplatas and sweeps.


Jay Wadsworth starts off this technique with his double sleeve grip, his foot in his opponent’s hip, knee pressure at his opponent’s face, pulling on his arm and pushing with your foot on your hip. The opponent has an outside grip on your leg. What Jay likes to do in this case is stretch his training partner out. He creates some distance using his legs, never straightening them completely, always keeping a slight bend at his knee. This sets up a pushing and pulling position and now Jay is in a position where he can set up the triangle. Jay brings his knee up and shoots his foot over his opponent’s back, his arm already across the body, getting the perfect angle for the triangle that is already tight before even locking it up.

This is a pretty awesome technique that will surely improve your triangle choke! I recommend watching this video a couple times to absorb all the minute details of the technique. Triangle chokes are very common which means even a training partner with only some experience in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu will be able to spot one coming. So remember all the details Jay Wadsworth gives and you will greatly improve your ability to effectively submit your opponent using a triangle choke!

The 92 Double Sleeve Guard by Jay Wadsworth: The Key To Countering Pressure Passing On The Bottom. The gripping "tricks" used in the 92 Guard is perfect for big guys who love to smash and grind smaller dudes guards. It's like a kimura grip, but not, and it gives you a ton of deadly submission attacks from everywhere! With 2 Sleeves Pressure Passing Just Doesn't Work!




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