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Should I Roll When I Am HIGH??

Should I Roll When I Am HIGH??


Should I Roll When I’m High?

It is the end of 2018. The stigma around marijuana is becoming less and less prevalent as many adults continue to become educated on the benefits of using the plant medicinally or recreationally. In the United States we are seeing one state after another vote to legalize weed, giving adults the freedom to choose what they put in their body, all while responsibility controlling the substance and moving away from black markets. And while we do not condone the use of weed without proper legal grounds, it is becoming a reality in more and more places that adults are within their legal rights to use marijuana. So this begs the question, if you train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu should you (legally) roll while you are high?

Deep Half Guard a total stoner guard. I mean it was made popular by high-rolling advocate Jeff Glover. It's the perfect guard to help your opponent feel "high" and off balance... just like you.


There are two answers to this question. Yes and no. Rolling while stoned has its benefits and its draw backs. If you are familiar with getting stoned you already know what some of the side effects can be: feeling relaxed, euphoric, and often forgetful. Let me be 100% clear, if you are new to getting high you have absolutely no business being stoned on the mats. If you are a seasoned vet when it comes to marijuana it is likely you are fully aware of the effects, and therefore the question to ask yourself really becomes: is being stoned the right mindset for grappling?

I think this is where the path diverges. If you are a new student, the answer is an undoubtable no, being stoned is not the right mindset for grappling. You want to be able to focus on the instructions and technique. You want to be aware of your surroundings and alert. I do not recommend trying to learn jiu jitsu with a cloudy mind. Jiu jitsu can be a very overwhelming experience for a first timer. You will be focused on trying to survive the intensity of your first rolling experiences – a situation that is likely to be very foreign. I would not be able to recommend mixing pot into this type of environment. Be a good student, be respectful and show up for class stone sober.

So is there a scenario where “yes” is the right answer to the question, “should I roll high?” If you are a seasoned veteran with a high level understanding of jiu jitsu or grappling in general, marijuana can actually be of benefit to your mind body connection. Smoking marijuana can help you concentrate on how your body feels as you perform your techniques. It can give you a higher level awareness of the precision with which you maneuver, as well as areas of improvement. Some BJJ competitors will use marijuana in their training routine when they are rolling with partners who they trust. In this high level controlled and safe manner, it is possible that THC can open up new pathways to an experienced BJJ player’s game.

The choice is ultimately yours as to whether you should roll stoned. Having done both myself I can say I prefer not to be stoned. It is not the right mindset for me, as I would rather be focused and disciplined. Marijuana is a great tool for alleviating aches and pains after training, but I prefer not to mix the two.

Jeff Glover is the most dynamic and talented Jiu Jitsu athletes in the world. His Deep Half guard entrances, sweeps, counters and escapes are a thing of beauty. His movement and drills for the stability ball will raise your jiu jitsu game to even new heights. Add a little THC and you're in Jeff Glover's World. Here's just one of the reason we love Jeff Glover

"I'm rich in many ways. I don't have a lot of money, you know. I make enough to buy toys every month and smoke as much weed as I want." 



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