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Perfect Your Triangle RIGHT NOW with John Danaher

Perfect Your Triangle RIGHT NOW with John Danaher


The triangle is often considered to lend itself more readily to lanky, lean, or skinnier practitioners. Having this sort of body type can definitely be an advantage when attempting to apply the triangle, but it doesn’t mean that there aren’t other body types that can put it to work. This is a very common inquiry in the BJJ community. How can a player with a seemingly unconducive body type still reap the benefits of one of the greatest submissions in BJJ?

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Well, John Danaher might be able to help. Imagine that. Check out this video, for the answer you may have been searching for.

As Danaher explains, there are limitations and constraints when dealing with certain situations. Sometimes there will be two bodies that just don’t provide the proper attributes to make a triangle feasible. But let’s use some sound mechanics and a little Danaher wizardry to do everything we can to get secure bite no matter our stature.

Again, I am simply amazed at everything Danaher shares with us. It seems as if everything we needed was always right there under our noses, we just needed someone to come along and connect the dots. There are many wonderful themes at work here, but there’s one thing I’d like to focus on in this video. That is Danaher’s placing of importance on making the shoulder disappear. When we’re trying to execute a triangle, especially on larger player, the broadness of their shoulder can throw a wrench into our plans. In his version of the triangle, Danaher eliminates the shoulder from the entire attack. How does he do this?

I have been anchoring myself to the underside of my training partner’s legs to provide more finishing power to the triangle for years. It always assists me in making an already locked triangle tighter and more effective. I have not however used this technique to help begin a triangle attack. I’m particularly blown away by this specific concept.

Using his partner’s leg as an anchor to gain an angle, and coupling this with a grip on the back of his partner’s neck, Danaher is able to spin off to the side to remove himself from his partners workspace and forward pressure. He is now able to bypass his partners shoulder with his own knee, so that now he only contains his partners arm and neck inside of his triangle set up. This is paramount, especially when trying to submit a larger opponent. He then points his choking leg knee in towards his partner’s crotch. His locking leg pressures the other side of the neck and then straightens to meet the strangle leg, followed by the locking of the figure four.

This is phenomenal, and will more than likely be an instant fix for anyone searching for answers on the subject. These are the kinds of details that make techniques you may have thought inaccessible to you a part of your regular game. There’s always a way. Thank you, John Danaher!

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