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Simple & Effective Lapel Choke From Butterfly Guard

Simple & Effective Lapel Choke From Butterfly Guard


1 Simple And Effective Choke From Butterfly Guard

If you have been around the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu scene you probably will have heard of the butterfly guard. It can be a fantastic open guard to add to your BJJ game. The butterfly guard is proven effective at even the highest levels of BJJ competition. Some top level competitors even prefer to use it as their primary guard. The butterfly guard is great for transitioning into other guards such as X guard. It is also effective for sweeping and for choking.

Yes, believe it or not, you can get choke submissions from butterfly guard!


But how? Today we are going to look at 1 simple and effective choke from butterfly guard. Watch the video below on how to lapel choke from butterfly guard then we will break down the technique. Check it out!

The lapel choke from butterfly guard is a high percentage submission. The important thing about this submission is good grips. When you get good grips you are going to have a lot more success with sweeps and submissions. It is very important to have good grip technique, especially when grabbing the lapel. Your opponent’s moves dictate exactly what you are going to do in butterfly guard. The chances are they are going to be working from either their feet or their knees to get a pass. In an instance where they are working from the knees, start off by getting your deep cross collar grip. Remember to straighten your wrist and turn your knuckles in to secure a strong grip. Now, an interesting part of this technique is getting the set up by faking a very poor lapel choke, forcing your training partner to put his hand up to block. From here you want to control that arm by pulling it across your body with your far arm. Notice that it is important to maintain that cross collar grip the entire time. When you have broken down your opponent’s posture with the arm drag, place your shoulder atop his. It is important to keep your chest nice and tight while you pull with your bottom hand. This doesn’t have to be a fast submission, sometimes you are going to have to work to get it.

This is a really cool lapel choke from butterfly guard. Watch this video a couple of times and take in the variations on this choke. It is important to remember to stay heavy with your chest, using it to pressure your opponent down so he can’t regain his posture. This is not going to work well for you if you are sitting back. This position gives good orientation to your wrist, already putting your arm at the right angle to secure the choke.

Rafael Formiga Barbosa is one of the best butterfly guard and x-guard players in the world. His DVD on the Butterfly Guard is one of the best series in the world to give you the details on dominating from this dynamic guard positions.




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