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Perks of Positional Practice

Perks of Positional Practice


Practice your weaknesses until they are strengths

Embrace getting mounted, having your back taken, and your guard passed. Get your butt kicked, and enjoy the process. That said if you go into a rolling situation against someone with less experience they may never mount you, take your back, or pass your guard. This is where positional sparring comes in.

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Starting in specific positions forces the issue. When you are struggling with specific aspects of your game you have to spend more time on them in realistic situations. Starting in a disadvantageous position is a great way to have symbiotic training with someone who has less experience. You get to work on your defense and escapes while they get to utilize a dominant position to control/submit. Both partners benefit.

This is especially beneficial for the less experienced. Sure they get to practice escaping bad positions because they are put into them all the time, but are hardly finding themselves in dominant positions. This will allow the newbie to find some success, and positive reinforcement. If your ego is in check maybe even throw them a bone every now and again.

If the newbie is using poor technique or is using too much strength don’t let them. If the new guy is utilizing proper technique and has a good attitude perhaps even let them tap you. You’ll be ok. What happens then is that new guy who has been getting their butt handed to them for months all of a sudden will start to have better technique. On top of that, and probably most importantly, they will become a better training partner.

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Here is a great video highlighting one of the best of all time. Roger Gracie is widely considered the best who has ever done it, but even he had to escape some sketchy situations. He got there not by dominating everyone he trained with, but by putting himself in bad situations so he could practice in the worst of conditions and come out on top. Confront and embrace the bad situations thrown at you in training, you’ll be thankful that you did.

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