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Power Switch Guard Retention and Genius Back Takes With Mikey Musumeci!

Power Switch Guard Retention and Genius Back Takes With Mikey Musumeci!


Keeping your guard intact is one of the MOST IMPORTANT skills one can possess in Jiu-Jitsu. Regardless of your wrestling ability there will come a time when you will be forced to use your guard. If you cannot keep your opponent from passing it will be the beginning of the end. This is where The Power Switch Guard Retention and Genius Back Takes By Mikey Musumeci will come in handy!

Mikey Musumeci is one of the most accomplished American Grapplers in history. He is the first American to earn multiple time IBJJF World Championships, and currently leads the pack with THREE! 2019 was a great run at the World’s for Mikey where he defeated division Legend Bruno Malfacine in a tight contest. From there he finished his finals opponent in 12 seconds with An IBJJF Legal Footlock!

So how can a guy like Mikey help out us regular folks out here trying our damndest to keep our guard from being blown apart. One thing to understand about Mikey is he no strength based athlete. His ability is pure technique based. If you can acquire the skills and concepts covered in Power Switch Guard Retention you will be able to maintain your guard and get back to your ATTACKS! For instance check out how Mikey thwarts the dreaded Over/Under Pass!

The Over/Under Pass is easily one of the highest percentage passes utilized in Jiu-Jitsu. The ability to apply pressure from this pass is matched by few other passing techniques. Legends like Bernardo Faria made a career utilizing this pass to stifle and shut down the opponent’s ability to re-guard. Yet through Mikey’s technique you might be able to manage to stop this dominating pass, just maybe not Bernardo’s….

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The first concept Mikey covers is controlling his opponent’s shoulders. He does this by obtaining a cross collar grip and framing with his other hand on the bend of the arm. He addresses the other shoulder now by placing his knee in front of his partner’s chest. This initial defensive posture will help alleviate the pressure that the passer is looking to generate. A good Over/Under Passer will get the grips the want and look to immediately drive their shoulder into your diaphragm region of your chest, which makes keeping the guard very difficult. 

The 2019 Rooster Weight World Champ gets fully back to his guard by creating a little space once his frames are in place. With a short hip escape he has enough space to clear the first leg. Notice how Mikey is able to stay on his side throughout the initial stages of the technique. If you get flattened here your frames will not be able to stop the Over/Under pass. From here he is able to return to Closed Guard by pulling Bernardo in with his cross collar grip as he clears the second leg. 

Power Switch Guard Retention and Genius Back Takes by Mikey Musumeci
Musumeci is a MASTER of Details. The Power Switch Guard Retention and Genius Back Takes instructional is PACKED to the brim with these GAME CHANGING details. Mikey is one of the most accomplished grapplers on the planet, in his instructional you will realize he is also one of the best Teachers on the planet!



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