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Power Up Your BJJ With These Strength Exercises

Power Up Your BJJ With These Strength Exercises


Power Up Your Jiu Jitsu With These Strength Movements

If you are like some Jiu Jitsu students, you are certainly looking for means to take your Brazilian Jiu jitsu game straight to the next stage. When it concerns making your way through the Brazilian Jiu jitsu ranks, nothing can be compared to training continuously and rolling often.
Certainly, there are a few things you can do outside the mat to enhance your Brazilian Jiu jitsu as well as give yourself a better edge over other trainees or opponents during the competitions.

Kettebells are one of the best strength training tools for Jiu Jitsu athletes, and allows you to mimic the situations you will need to be strong in Jiu Jitsu


The hip thrust is one exercise which is tailor-made for Brazilian Jiu jitsu practitioners. It copies one of the most frequently used movements in Brazilian Jiu jitsu: bridging. It is one of the first introduced movements trainees learn when they began jiu jitsu training. It is also used for carrying out several leg chokes and sweeps.

This exercise is better with a specific kind of exercise bench known as a hip thruster, but it could also be carried out with a normal plyometric box or exercise bench.


Performing the hip thrust

1. Sit on the ground and make sure your back is against an exercise bench, your glutes should be on the floor and your feet should be about shoulder width apart.
2. Bring your feet inwards to the extent that they are like a foot away from your glutes.
3. As an amateur, feel very free to spread out your arms on the bench for additional stability.
4. Now, force your glutes off the floor making use of only your hips. Ensure you get complete extension on each rep and go back to the starting position slowly.

2.) Grappler's Lunges

Having strong and powerful and MOBILE legs helps a lot when it comes to Brazilian Jiu jitsu. It helps in making it much easier for you to push your opponents off and then find your way back on your feet, it also makes it very easy to execute jiu jitsu skills like sweeps and triangle chokes, and it assist a whole lot when you want to drive your opponent to the ground using a takedown. Every Brazilian Jiu jitsu practitioner should doing some sort of leg training regularly.

Performing the grappler’s lunge
1. Begin from a reverse lunge position.
2. Move your torso in such a way that your chest and shoulder line should come closer to your knee.
3. Make sure your back is kept straight and your face is at a 45-degree angle with the ground.
4. Carry out a lunge while you keep the other heel on the ground.

3) Turkish Get Up

The gold standard strength training exercise for building true, raw grappling power has always been the Turkish get up. This one old school strength exercise engages your whole body, building powerful muscle, grappling coordination, grip, posture and more as you push yourself. Perfectly mimic the same explosive grappling power you’ll need to finish takedowns, sweeps, and passes, and get key details from Mike on the perfect form to strive for.

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