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Powerful Clinch Submission From Rubber Guard - 10th Planet Black Bekt

Powerful Clinch Submission From Rubber Guard - 10th Planet Black Bekt


Gogo Clinch Submission by Brandon McCaghren

Brandon McCaghren is a black belt under Eddie Bravo and owns a 10th planet jiu jitsu school.  He is considered by many to be one of the best rubber guard players in the world. This is a clip from his instructional video series "Rubberguard: The Meathook."  In this position he is showing you how to effectively use the gogo clinch to keep your opponents posture broken down. The gogo clinch submission is a new submission straight out of the 10th Planet jiu jitsu system. You will see in the demonstration that this technique is for a more advanced BJJ player and requires a certain amount of flexibility in order to work. First, watch the video of Brandon McCaghren demonstrating the gogo clinch and then we will break down his technique. Check it out now!

The gogo clinch starts from a gogoplata or omoplata set up. You can do this from closed guard as well. Just make sure your leg is over your training partner’s shoulder as if you are setting up the omoplata. Your same side arm will be up over your leg and your opponent’s head wil be trapped between the back of your leg and your knee. Then your far arm will be under your knee. Think of it like clinching your opponent with your entire body – using both your legs and arms. There are a few ways you can get the clinch from here. The first method Brandon shows is the “fire and flip” where he passes his leg over, landing so that his Achilles is crossing his arm and he’s got his training partner’s back of his neck. The other hand comes around his knee. Notice that McCaghren is completely on his side. This will not work if you are on your back. From here connect your hands with a gable grip. The gable grip is the key to making the gogo clinch very effective. Pay special attention to how Brandon secures the choke. His wrist bone is digging into the artery of his training partner. It is the gable grip that secures the choke. This is a very, very efficient choke when done effectively. If your opponent does not tap and starts to stack you and push your leg down you can use his movement to lock up a triangle. Talk about lethal! Learn more Combinations and Clinch Work course by Saenchai

Finally, after years of speculation and study, unlock the secrets of the Rubber Guard, the Meathook, and the rest of the 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu system with this exclusive Video set from 10th Planet black belt and instructor Brandon McCaghren. He walks you through the rubber guard system he uses so effectively. Whether You Train Gi or No Gi -If You Are Young Or Old: You Will Learn The Secrets To Becoming A Posture Killing, Triangle & Arm barring Machine



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