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Punish Your Opponent's Guard With The Smash Pass

Punish Your Opponent's Guard With The Smash Pass


The 5 Benefits of Smashing and Passing

When we look at some of the absolute best ways to pass an opponent’s guard in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu we must always stop and pay tribute to the effective method of the smash pass. With the simple use of pressure and weight one can strategically smash and pass their way to dominate their opponent and successfully winning a competition.

What are the actual benefits of passing using smashing? Well, first of all smash passing can slow down, and even dictate the pace of a match. Secondly, it will eliminate the movement demonstrated by a flexible guard player, and allow you to pass complicated guards. And third of all, it can be a brutal way to subject your opponent to some very uncomfortable situations… who would not like that?

With all that said, let’s take a look at 5 great benefits to smashing when you’re passing.

There is an art to smash passing and one of the best smash passers or pressure guard passers in the world in Bernardo Faria. Bernardo is infamous for his over / under pass that he has utilized countless times at the highest levels. This pressure passing system is easy to learn and does not require any athleticism, strength, or energy.


#1. Pace

As we already discussed, smash passing is one of the most ultimate ways that a jiu jitsu practitioner will use to control the pace of a match. You can slow down the pace of a match using smash passing when you are in a high pace match with a really good jiu jitsu guard player. It might even be the only way to do so. What I mean when I say a “high pace” match with a really good BJJ guard player is one who is always moving, always attacking, and always trying to break down your pressure leaving you constantly defending. Annoying. Stall them out and punish them for their behavior with a brutal smash and pass. There is a good way to apply smash passing and it’s by passing with your knees to get into a more secure and controlling single or double under hook. Once you have got that under hook, it is guard smashing time.

Check out Rodolfo Viera’s infamous strategical smash pass. Notice how he distributes his weight effectively.

#2. Nullify Flexibility

Let us assume that you are going against a guy who is super, super flexible. Extremely flexible. Their jiu jitsu guard retention is probably amazing, which means you are going to have to have a much more methodical approach to passing their elite guard. Enter the smash and pass. Isn’t it great? The smash and pass is an absolutely great way to pass such an opponent in a brutal fashion. With the smash and pass you will be able to prevent inversions, legs that come out of nowhere and more! I highly, highly recommend watching this video on how to use a cradle to smash those tricky flexible BJJ guys.

#3. Complicated Guards

It is very common knowledge amongst high level BJJ practitioners that De La Riva, Reverse De La Riva, Spider Guard and even Lasso Guard can be passed effectively using smash and pass techniques. If you can manage to get double under hooks and stack your opponent, you will be able to brutalize them which will allow you to beat their guard. Keep in mind you probably will not pass them immediately, but hey, at least now you’re in a more familiar position.

Like I said, smash passing can be BRUTAL! So you might want to stop right and watch a quick video from 8 time Rooster Weight World Champion grappler Bruno Malfacine on how not to get smashed.

#4. Energy Conservation

Much like dictating the pass of a match by smash passing your opponent, a hidden benefit to this jiu jitsu technique is a fundamental way to conserve energy. Let’s face it, not all of us are super athletic, or even remotely young. Let smash passing be your much needed reprieve from a fast faced match with a young buck who is just asking to be brutalized.

#5. Self Defense and MMA

The god of passing, the smash pass, is a vital way to immobilize an attacker or anyone throwing strikes at you. Let’s face it, if you’re in a real life street fight scenario it is probably going to be brutal, which means you had better have some brutal BJJ techniques of your own.

In conclusion, smash passing is one of, if not the best, ways to pass an opponent’s guard. Keep this in mind the next time you are on the mats, and do not be afraid to get brutal.

Do you want to know how to smash pass anyone's guard while barely exerting energy? Bernardo Faria... 5x Black Belt World Champion and master of the pressure pass, shares with you his system for smashing with the over under grip and his pressure passing system that requires athleticism, strength, or energy. You easily and confidently destroy every guard with simple guard passing concepts and pressure, its all about the pressure baby!!



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