Qualities To Look For In No Gi Shorts


For us no gi grapplers, one of the things that we need are solid, great quality pair of no gi shorts. Shorts are important for no gi, just as a good gi is important for BJJ practitioners. With so many different no gi shorts on the market, it can seem like a daunting task on picking out a pair of shorts that will last, and stand the test of tough training, tough competition and time. But there are some qualities to look for in a pair of no gi shorts. Here are those qualities.

3) Tough fabric

From years of training and competing in no gi, not all shorts are created equal. I have had some shorts simply get torn up. Those shorts either got beat up in training, or got beat up in the washing machine. There are many shorts out there that claim they are high quality, but use thin, paper-like fabric. Those simply won’t do. You have to have tough, somewhat thick fabric that can be on trucking through tough sessions on the mats and tough sessions through the washing machine.

2) Velcro belt

This might seem like a small quality to look for in a pair of shorts, but it is important. Make sure that whatever short you buy (unless it is a vale tudo style trunk) has a velcro style belt. Shorts that do not have the velcro belt will tend to slip off when there is a lot of movement. Besides being a little embarrassing, it lowers the shorts functionality. The velcro belt will make sure the shorts stay in place, and that place is right on you.

1)  Cool designs

With many shorts, there are so many cool designs out there. There is a design that should speak to you in some way. A cool look will set you apart from the plain Jane’s on the grappling world. No gi shorts should be similar to that of a Muay Thai trunk. They should say something about your personality and how you wanted to be represented on the mats. It’s a small and simple quality, but one that I feel is also important.

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