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Important Gi Weave Differences


When buying a gi, you will see many different terms thrown around. The most common term that is important to know is the term weave. It is important to know the difference between these weaves because both are functionally different. There is single weave and double weave gi’s. Then there are different weaves such as gold, crystal and pearl. These weaves will feel and act different. Let’s talk about what those weaves mean.

Gold weave used to be the most favorite weave when it came to gi’s. What is gold weave? The gold weave is a looser, so it the material feels soft and light. While light, it is still a sturdy kimono. While gold weave gi’s will last for years on end, they do get softer in time. This can cause issues in competition, as opponents will be able to easily grab your collars and sleeves and be able to grip it with no problem.

Crystal weave is a newer style of weave. It is popular because of the soft feeling it has on the wearer’s skin. This weave is also very loose. The material is very easy to grab and manipulate around. While pearl weave kimonos have a thicker look, they are actually pretty light. It can shrink a lot, so as with most gi’s, make sure you air dry it and do not put it in a drying machine.

And now onto the pearl weave. Pearl weave is my preferred weave that I wear. Pearl weave gi’s are mostly pre shrunk, so it won’t shrink as much as crystal weaves, but still air dry it as opposed to putting it in a dyer. This style of weave is tightly woven, somewhat coarse and can be rough. This is great for active competitors, because opponents will not be able to be hold onto grips as much with crystal and gold. Pearl weave kimonos are stiffer and are not easily manipulated.

While everyone has their preferred weave, I recommend the pearl weave for anyone that competes a lot in BJJ. It will give you a slight tactical advantage when it comes to grip breaking, and will make it harder for your opponents to control your kimono. If you’re looking for a pearl weave gi, the Overhook Premium Blue Gi is on sale at BJJ Fanatics for $109!

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