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How To Train The Flying Scissor Takedown



There is one takedown in the grappling world that is considered the most dangerous. It is banned completely in Judo. In most BJJ tournaments it is banned as well, perhaps with the exception for some tournaments in the black belt division. That takedown is the flying scissor. The flying scissor became popular from the Russian art of Sambo, but through cross training has spread to many grappling styles. It was originally from Judo, but the was banned from competition due to the high risk of injury.

When hit full force it can cause knee damage to the recipient if that person does not fall correctly, or falls awkwardly. Over the years, there has been a resurgence in this takedown. Garry Tonon, a multiple time EBI champ uses it regularly in submission only tournaments. While Reilly Bodycomb has used it to great success in international Sambo tournaments. While dangerous, this is one takedown that can be trained safely. Here are some ways to train it safely.


First thing first, let’s talk about pace. When practicing the flying scissor, do not rush through it and go fast. This can cause danger to your training partner. Take your time. Make sure you go slow so that you can not only get the technique down perfect, but also for the fact that we want to make sure our training partners are safe and do not get injured.

Next, make sure you know where your hands and legs are going. One hand needs to be around your partner’s neck to start. This will give you a good grip that allows you to go through the next steps. Your other hand must be planted on the floor. By planting your hand, you’ll be able to get the solid base that you need to drill this takedown.

So now you have your hand grips, and you have one hand planted. The leg closest to your partner has to go up and in front of your partner’s stomach. For drilling, it is best for your training partner to hold your leg when it comes up to his stomach level. Just for safety. Now, hop up and do a one handed hand-stand. Your other leg needs to shoot through your partner’s legs, knee first. As you do that, pull his neck and you will have successfully but safely done the takedown.

Don’t get left in the dust. Train your takedowns. This is a great takedown to have in your arsenal, but there are so many more. Check out the Travis Stevens and Jimmy Pedro collaboration, The Takedown Blueprint DVD set.

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