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Painful Submissions From Twister Side Control



Twister side control is a dynamic way of holding the side control position, made popular by Eddie Bravo and his 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu system. Both twister side control and normal side control are great for controlling an opponent, and offer some great submissions. But with twister side control, there is a twist (pun intended). The point of twister side, is to either get to mount quickly by using ninja mount, or to get the lock down and get to the truck position. It is with this that the position offers some truly devastating and painful submissions. Here are my top three favorite, yet incredibly painful submissions.

The Calf Crank

The calf crank was the first technique that I learned after learning twister side control and the truck. After getting to twister side, then to the lock down and then hitting the truck, you’ll end up on your back, controlling both the opponent’s laced leg with your leg and the free leg with your hands. The transition is rather easy. After ending up on your back, you let go of the lock down and frame your laced leg with your now free leg. Control his free foot by his toes with one hand and control his other foot in the same way. Push your leg upwards and pull down on the leg that you’re attacking. It is a great, quick way to end a match.

The Crotch Ripper

The crotch ripper is as painful as its name sounds. It is a technique that destroys the groin area in a tearing, ripping way. The set up is the same as the calf crank. Twister side to lock down to truck. When you end up on your back, get a close and tight gable grip right above the opponent’s knee as you have the lock down. After securing that grip, you can let go of the lock down and use your free foot to push the opponent’s achilles upward as you pull the other leg straight down. This will finish the technique and get the tap.

The Twister

Now time for the submission that is feared by all. It is the submission that is named after the side control that you set it up from. This time when you roll into the truck, you have to roll through. This way you can get close to the opponent’s back while maintaining a good lock down. With a baseball bat style grip, pull the opponent’s nearest arm behind your head and then put your head to the mat to secure that arm. Then you can gable grip or s-grip right by the crown of the head. Extend your lock down and pull the head towards you. This submission attacks many areas. It is a spine lock, a hip lock, and a groin ripper. It is hell to get caught in. When properly locked on, everyone will tap.

Twister side control offers all of these options and more. It is something to play around with and study, once you have the fundamentals down. You will have more ways of attacking an opponent from side control. The master himself, Eddie Bravo has an awesome DVD out covering the twister and more. Check it out at BJJ Fanatics for $97!

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