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Quick And Easy Submission With Dean Lister

Quick And Easy Submission With Dean Lister


Get the submission quick and easy with “Dean Lister’s Calf Slicer From Half Mount”

Having the ability to pass the guard smoothly and quickly is something that we are always working on and continuing to develop.  There will be times along the way that we get part of the pass, but the opponent is able to lock us in to place as we are passing.  This can result in being stuck in a half mount or quarter mount situation. This calf slicer takes place assuming we are caught in half mount and did not quite fully execute the pass.

Let’s just be honest, in almost every situation we are looking to end the match as quickly and effectively as possible.  While there may be a few exceptions, the vast majority of the time we are looking for the quick win to conserve as much energy as possible for the next match.  There are a ton of options, as you are likely aware, but I am personally a big fan of techniques that make us big and slow guys look fast and technical. That’s where this slick Calf slicer from Dean Lister comes into play.  


All of the leg locks Dean shows in this instructional come as a result of the opponent using some sort of guard.  As a result of the opponent’s locked legs it creates an opportunity for us to attack the legs. Generally speaking, the legs are almost always easily accessible when we are in any guard situation. 

Let’s break it down and make sure we have all the details so you can start implementing this in your game immediately.  

First, we are starting in top half mount, meaning that the opponent has trapped one of our legs below the knee, as shown in the picture below.  As you can see Dean’s right leg is trapped below his knee and his left knee is on the ground. The opponent is on their side, as they should be.  The opponent is going to want to push your knee back into their guard allowing them to then shrimp to the other side and begin working to regain their guard.  We want to make sure we prevent that from happening by executing on this calf slicer sooner rather than later.  

The next thing we are going to do is shoulder roll sort of to our side.  As you can see in the picture above Dean is pointing in the direction, he wants to take his body.  For the next step in this technique Dean simply roll to the opposite side as the leg that is trapped.  In this position Dean can opt to lock his own legs, or keep them unlocked, depending on your comfort level either is fine.  

Now this may seem simple but there are a few details here.  First, it is important to roll towards the opponent’s legs, not their head, meaning that you will want to essentially point your arms towards their feet and roll over your right shoulder looking down towards the opponent’s feet to ensure your body is going the right direction. 

As you roll the goal is to land in a straight line with your opponent and with your legs locked in a triangle around the opponent’s leg as you can see in the picture below.  From here you have your submission ready to go and just need to finish. There is a slight risk of the opponent attacking a toe hold from here, so you want to be aware of that and not hang out in this position for too long without attacking the calf slicer.  

To finish the technique simply reach up and grab the opponent’s foot and pull it into your chest.  Keep in mind the closer you are to the toes the more leverage you will have and the more difficult it will be for your opponent to resist the submission.  You do however want to watch out as you reach up that you do not get arm locked. You want to make sure you don’t reach too far and give the opponent the opportunity to catch your arm.  

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The pressure created by pulling their calf over your shin will cause them to tap.  This is a compression tap that can happen really, really, fast. Please make sure when you are training this with your training partner that you tap early as this can cause very serious knee injury if you are not careful.  Unlike a lot of other submissions this one doesn’t hurt much until it does, and by then it’s too late.  

Dean is one of the originals when it comes to leg attacks, and a real OG competitor in the Jiu Jitsu world.  There is no question that implementing his style and techniques l help you take your game to the next level. His video instructional titled “Leg attacks & grappling hacks” is packed full of tips and tricks that have been battle tested at the highest levels.  

Leg locks have been referred to as the great equalizer in grappling giving anyone a fair shake at submitting anyone else regardless of their rank flexibility or strength.  Your only option is to learn them, failing to do so puts you at great risk to everyone else who is learning them, drilling them and executing on them. Don’t miss out, get on board now before you fall behind and get ahead of the game.

The submissions in this video instructional are designed to surprise and submit your opponents quickly and easily regardless of their skill set, or if they are stronger, younger, faster, or even a higher rank than you.  If you are ready to learn leg locks from the original leg locker with countless leg lock submission victories on the largest stages in the world, then the time is now.

 Leg Attacks & Grappling Hacks by Dean Lister

Pick up your copy of “Leg attacks & grappling hacks” now and get on the path to being as deadly at submitting the bottom 50 percent of the body as you are at submitting the top 50 percent of the body. 



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