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Recover The Half Guard Hip Switch Pass With Tom DeBlass

Recover The Half Guard Hip Switch Pass With Tom DeBlass


2 Extremely Effective Recoveries For Hip Switch With Tom DeBlass

Today we will look at two extremely effective recoveries for hip switch.  In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and all other grappling martial arts, the hips are an effective way to control an individual from top. Often times an effective half guard pass requires a hip switch. In the video below Tom DeBlass and his student David Gonzalez demonstrate two extremely effective recoveries for dealing with this style of pass. Check out the video below and then we will break it down.

The way to look at half guard is that you are either in half GUARD or half PASSED. Dealing with a strong hip switch passers requires a strong half guard. It just so happens that Tom Deblass is a master of the half guard for sweeps, submissions and recoveries.


When people are passing on top from side of half guard they will often switch their hips, facing away from their opponent, which gives a lot of people on bottom trouble, as they get stuck here. So many people try to attack the neck and head but that is ineffective. The thing is, when your hips are already beat you can’t really fight back in the head and neck direction. So what you need to do is get your hips in the opposite direction. What Tom DeBlass likes to do is bring his hands to his training partner’s back as he clamps his foot and pulls his hips back. As he pulls his hips back he gets  his knee shield across. From this position Tom immediately has entries to his opponent’s legs. He can attack heel hooks, he can attack knee bars, or he can start reversing his training partner.

Another thing you can do when your training partner switches his hips and you are having a tough time pushing him down and away is to plant your foot, move your hips, and get your butterfly hooks in. As you do this you can bring your hand across his face, pull, elevate, and sweep your opponent.

Both of these techniques involve positioning yourself so that your hips are in a more advantageous position. Awesome stuff from Tom DeBlass! Be sure to try this one out the next time you have a training partner who is really good at passing your half guard. You might just be able to surprise a tricky opponent with this one!

Learning to fight from half guard will not only help prevent your guard from getting passed so easily, but also give you a strong attacking guard as well. Tom Deblass's DVD / On Demand Series called Half Dominate will give you the tips and skills to control and win from the most dynamic position in grappling - the half guard.



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