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Replace Anxiety About Competing with Preparation

Replace Anxiety About Competing with Preparation


 Do Not Fear The Storm...Be The Storm...

No matter where you are in your BJJ journey, competing can bring to the surface different forms of anxiety. Whether you’re worried about different aspects of the skills you’ve acquired, or getting injured, the thoughts are there, and they can plague you if you allow them to.

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But there are things you can control to lessen the anxiety of competition. One of those things is preparation. No one wants to lose. We all want to go out there, give our best, represent our team well, and bring home the medals. Whether you’re a full time BJJ star, a hobbyist, or an enthusiast with a family, you need to know that on competition day you’ve done absolutely everything in your power to be prepared. This can mean different things to different people, but one thing is for sure, it is crucial to feeling good about stepping on to that competition floor.

Losing is part of competition. It’s essential to our growth, it diagnoses our deficiencies, and it inspires us to keep moving forward. Losing aids, us in the process of getting better. But, losing because you we’re not prepared should not be acceptable to you.

For those of us that are more prone to worry than others, do not let poor preparation be a source of anxiety in the time leading up to your competition. Prepare at a level that makes you feel that you’re putting in a sufficient amount of work to earn the opportunity to compete. When competition day comes, one of the last questions you want to be asking yourself is, “did I do enough to get ready for this?” The more you prepare the better you’ll feel.

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