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Stop Getting Stuck in ¾ Mount! Lachlan Giles Has the Answer to This Common Trouble Spot

Stop Getting Stuck in ¾ Mount! Lachlan Giles Has the Answer to This Common Trouble Spot


Work The Hooks...

Recovering from the ¾ mount can be troublesome and exhausting. It seems your only seconds away from getting your back taken, or being forced to give up your last-ditch effort of a foot trap to keep your opponent from getting to the full mount position. This is not an impossible scenario to deal with, yet it does come with challenges if your opponent knows what to do. We’ll need to be active and aware to recover and return to a better position. In this video Lachlan Giles presents us with a fantastic way to deal with this situation. Give it a look!

One of the main ingredients here is the frame that Giles puts in place on the far side hip. This will keep your partner from gaining too much ground and also decrease the likelihood of getting your back taken.

In the first option Giles looks to recover to butterfly guard. As he feeds his partners knee back into the half guard, he counts on a common reaction. The top person will most likely try to push his knee back through to the mat. As he attempts this, Giles uses that frame on the far side hip to move his partner towards the trapped foot where there is no base. This will create a pocket of space for Giles to insert his right knee into the mix. He then waits for his partners next move. As his partner adjusts, Giles is able to re-establish his butterfly guard.

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The last concept here deals with how to set up framing for this position. Commonly we’re taught to frame with both hands on our opponents’ hip, with the bottom arm resting in a vertical position. As Giles states, this provides no outward pressure when trying to create space. To increase our ability to pry open our partners knee with our elbow, consider using a more horizontal style of positioning for the bottom arm. This will help recruit the stronger parts of your body when trying to create space.

This is a very common problem that everyone runs in to. Watch closely and end the struggle!  Thank you, Lachlan Giles for your insight!

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