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Roberto Cyborg Angry At Gordon Ryan's Call Out

Roberto Cyborg Angry At Gordon Ryan's Call Out


Yesterday, black belt phenom Gordon Ryan officially entered his name for the 2018 IBJJF No Gi World Championships, and warned everyone else to stay at home. Gordon has always been known for having a lot of confidence and being very vocal about his expectations of victory, and some of his critics have said that this goes too far, and have accused him of being cocky and arrogant. Whether you agree or not about his language, you must agree: when Gordon says he is going to win a fight, he usually ends up being right.

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One of Gordon's potential opponents are the World Championships is legendary black belt Roberto "Cyborg" Abreu. Cyborg is definitely aware of Gordon's threat to the division, and took to Instagram (@cyborgbjj), responding to Gordon:

"I see you still didn't grow u with your black belt and learned about #respect. The BS u creat around yourself is not what Bjj is all about. It will never be about the medals and titles my friend. I thought your coach had already taught you that. Your acting takes away from the champion you could be. I'm fighting since you were in Diapers kid. Learn to #respect. And You can bet I'll be ready for you."

Cyborg makes a good point about respecting those who came before you. The hard work of athletes in his generation helped create the paid opportunities that Gordon is taking advantage of. Hopefully, these two great champions can have a great fight at Worlds, and squash any bad feelings soon after.

This actually wouldn't be Cyborg and Gordon's first encounter, if they meet at Worlds. They fought in the absolute of the 2017 ADCC, where Gordon won with a heel hook. Obviously, he can't recreate this in an IBJJF tournament, will he have a new answer? Can Cyborg use the IBJJF ruleset, and his experience, to more advantage?

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