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Rodolfo Vieira : Jiu Jitsu Terror



Rodolfo Vieira is one of the most dominant competitors to ever step onto the mats. Vieira is one of the top super-heavyweights in the game today. Rodolfo comes from the renowned Grappling Fight Team (GFT), and is one of their most competitive fighters. Doing great at the lower belt levels, he was promoted to black belt by GFT’s Julio Cesar Pereira, who would help him reach a high level of greatness in competition. Vieira is a beast on in the world’s best tournaments, routinely winning gold at the World Championships, the World Cup, and the Pan Am’s. In competition he has beaten Braulio Estima, Marcus Almedia and Rafael Lovato Jr, which is no easy feat.

What makes Rodolfo such a destructive competitor? He is a notorious guard passer. Few can actually hold him in guard successfully. Vieira can break and pass almost any guard. Specifically, his knee slice pass and butterfly smash pass are excellent. His choke and arm lock attacks are usually what follow once he passes the guard. His passing is such an exceptional part of his game. He even has a fantastic DVD out that shows his style of passing, called Smash, Pass, Finish.

Check out Vieira’s Smash, Pass, Finish DVD if you want to learn how to pass like a world champion. (check link)

He also is known for some classic matches. One of my favorites was his absolute match in 2014 at the World Pro. At the World Pro, he took on notorious world champ, Andre Galvao. In the match, he put Galvao on his back at the beginning and never let him up during their seven minute bout. The whole time, he was the aggressor. He was able to shut down Galvao’s guard attacks and constantly used his signature passing to threaten his opponent. At the end of the match, he had his hand raised and declared the winner.

During his career, Vieira has shown that he is always a threat against anyone that they put in front of him. He continues to be at the top of the super-heavyweight and absolute divisions. Whenever he competes, it is a spectacle to watch and learn. This champ is in for many more wins, and will add many more gold medals to his collection.


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