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The Arm Trap (Effective Back Control)



Anyone that trains in Jiu Jitsu knows how tough it is to finish a rear naked choke on any person that has been doing it for awhile. The defenses of a good Jiu Jitsu student can make a back take turn into a stalemate position. But the back position should be only feared by the person that has someone on their back. There is a great way of setting up a classic rear naked choke. And that way is with the arm trap. You might have seen it or you might have not. Either way, it is being used at the top level and can work for you as well.

The arm trap, also known by the Danaher competitors as the straight jacket, it is the only way I personally finish the rear naked choke these days. And it easy is to set up too. It can be done by both flexible and not so flexible people. With a standard seatbelt control, your partner will undoubtedly try and pull down the arm that is over, with that over/under position. When your partner starts to defend that control, that is when it is the perfect time to get the arm trap.

With your hand that is in the under position with the seatbelt, start to pull down your partner’s arm towards his own hip. When you get it down far enough, use your leg that is controlling with a hook to trap the arm to his body. You can do this in three different ways. You can trap the arm straight to the partner’s body. You can bring your leg down behind your partner’s back and trap it there. Or still, you can trap it, but instead of controlling with hooks, you can use a body triangle, depending if your legs are long enough. It is highly effective.

In recent times, the arm trap (or straight jacket) has gotten attention due to its use at the last couple EBI events. Gordon Ryan used it with great success at EBI 6, defeating two different opponent’s with a rear naked choke from the trap. Then again, at EBI 7, Eddie Cummings also used it to defeat two different opponents in a quick and efficient fashion. Due to the use of the arm trap, both competitors were able to make their way to the finals and win the whole thing.

The arm trap is needed to step up your game. Once skill sets start to develop, getting a rear naked choke from a standard set up becomes a hard task. Instead of wasting time and tiring yourself out, use the arm trap. It will help make your finishes off of your partner’s back of a much higher percentage. When getting to the back, start using this trap. Your rear naked choke technique will be feared!


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