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Roll Like Michael Myers?

Roll Like Michael Myers?


Our academy recently hosted Miguel Benitez, a Tom DeBlass black belt and Owner/Head Instructor at Montgomery BJJ in New Jersey for a no gi seminar.  The seminar was packed with highly implementable techniques and mindset tips.  Students learned new approaches to mount escapes, leg lock entries, and mount attacks during the seminar, but in his closing remarks, he left this writer and attendee with an indelible metaphor for his approach to jiu jitsu that absolutely needs to be shared with the BJJ Fanatics reader!

The guiding image for Professor Benitez isn't a shark, a lion, or some other savage animal, but instead is the lead character and homicidal maniac Michael Myers from the Halloween film franchise.  Yes, Michael Myers.

In the films, Michael Myers plods  from victim to victim, slowly and methodically. He does not rush.  He does not panic. In the process, his victims try to escape, panicked and screaming.  They stumble.  They trip.  They fall.  They forget how to use their house and car keys.  They forget how to start their car.  And in the end, they meet their demise.  Step by step, Michael works his game and executes his plan.

For Professor Benitez, we can learn a valuable lesson from Michael Myers and that is:  Be the one with the knife.  Not a real knife, of course.  But an aggressive attitude to every aspect of your game, regardless of the position you find yourself in.  Nothing seems to stop Michael Myers.  With an almost supernatural tenacity, he sets his goals and does not stop until he achieves them. His victims may delay his progress.  They may find a temporary hiding spot, but in the end, he follows through with his game. With killer tenacity and an never say die attitude, we work to implement and control the pace of the training and match.

Whether it is getting out of bottom mount or setting a goal in life,  being the one with the knife you attack and chase the better position and the goal you've set for yourself.  This mindset will chase those better positions and make you kill to get back on the mats after a rough training session. Whatever you do, go after your dreams with a killer tenacity that would make Michael Myers proud.

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