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Set The Example

Set The Example


Do Not Get Complacent...And Be An Example Of Good Jiu-Jitsu Practices

As a student who has been training for a while it is important to remember that new students will look to how others train. For an academy this can be a great thing if the structures are in place to support that environment. It can also be a detriment if an improper example has been set forth.

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The concept of “best practice” is something that more traditional sports have figured out. If you watch two different NFL teams practice they will probably look fairly similar in structure and function. However, BJJ gyms across the country can vary greatly. Some schools favor heavy warm-ups while others jump right into the technique portion. The best practice concept is still being ironed out across the Jiu-Jitsu world.

When an academy has established their own best practice strategy it is important that students who have trained there commit to the program. This will ensure an environment that assists new students in the learning process of BJJ. Committing to the program requires trust in your instructor. Help your instructor by training according to your academy’s own best practice strategy.

If you train enough eventually you might run into the hurdle of complacency. Complacency in Jiu-Jitsu is where our game starts to stagnate. This can happen if the practitioner gets by with the same old techniques and doesn’t force themselves to evolve and grow with new strategies. Complacency can bleed to other aspects of training. An example of this would be when someone who has trained for a while starts showing up after the warm up, or at the end of class for open mat. This behavior can permeate to other students.

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Setting a good example not only ensures you are the path towards success in your personal BJJ career, but also models appropriate behavior for Jr. students who are still finding their way. This is mutually beneficial for all people involved. The Jr. student who was lost now has an upper rank showing them how it is done. This will create better training partners and ensure lively/friendly competition at the academy. Anytime you can help out your instructor by just being a good student will not go unnoticed!

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