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Uppercut to Stop a Takedown!

Uppercut to Stop a Takedown!


Punch To Stop A Takedown? Learn It Here!!

In this video, by Shane Fazen, his group of FIGHTTIPS instructors (Bubba Jenkins, Vince ‘The Anomaly’, and Coach PJ) breakdown Khabib vs McGregor but they also talk about a striking option to stop a takedown. They are speaking of using an uppercut, how to avoid being hit as the wrestler, and the necessary footwork and timing required to land this punch!

(Start around 3:33 to get straight into the technique!)

To start, they describe a jumping knee as not being a very safe option (because now you have no base) but a rear uppercut may work better. Bubba Jenkins (current Brave Combat Federation Champ) explains how he does not shoot his takedowns. He goes into detail explaining to not attack the back leg because they will have more time to strike and counter you so he sets everything up on his opponents lead leg, using strikes to set up the takedown.

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As well as describing that a takedown makes use of your entire body weight behind it whereas an uppercut is mostly shoulder with some hip; your timing would have to be spot on to just uppercut somebody shooting a takedown. Next Vince shows a variation on the rear uppercut utilizing a change in stance to get his leg out of the takedown and to land his strike. In this variation, Vince still uses his rear arm uppercut, but he drops the lead leg back (to maintain a base and avoid the takedown) setting up his rear hand and putting him in a position where he can continue to strike or sprawl should he need to.

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