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Set Up And Finish The Butterfly Sweep Using This Variation With Marcos Tinoco

Set Up And Finish The Butterfly Sweep Using This Variation With Marcos Tinoco



In Jiu Jitsu, proper and precise technique is important. Small adjustments from either you or your partner can make or break a move. Forgetting a small detail on the offensive side can allow the person on the defensive side to make a small adjustment preventing you from finishing the submission or sweep.

The easiest way to prevent this from happening is to drill detailed techniques. When you drill techniques in a way where you pay attention to putting extra effort into making all those small adjustments, your muscle memory will be on your side when it comes to performing in a live match.

The important details to pay attention to when it comes to sweeps is gaining the proper leverage and being sure you have eliminated your opponent's ability to base. Something as small as improper grip placement on your opponent's arm can result in him breaking the grip and having a free arm to post with and prevent the sweep. Additionally, improper body placement that doesn’t offer good leverage can compromise your overall position and not only prevent the sweep, but give your opponent the ability to pass the guard.

Therefore, it’s a good habit to get into to think about these kinds of things while drilling all kinds of techniques. Being cognizant of these kinds of things not only reinforces good technique, but it starts to allow your mind to think of other possible scenarios before they happen, leaving you more prepared.

In this video, Marcos Tinoco hits on every important detail from setting up to finishing this effective butterfly sweep, check it out below!


The Technique

In this technique, Marcos put an emphasis on the setup depending on what is going on in the match. He talks about what to do if your opponent pulls guard or if you are in a scramble. For this variation, he assumes that somehow you and your opponent are both on your knees and are in the middle of a grip battle, trying to establish a dominant position.

The important grips to establish are a deep collar grip, basically behind your opponents neck as well as a grip on the elbow. At this point your opponent will have established grips as well, and you will likely be in a sort of push and pull battle as you are both trying to manipulate each other's positioning. 

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Making sure both of your grips are strong, push into your partner using the collar grip to lift him up. As you do this, sit up and step one of your legs between his knees as your butterfly hook while shooting your other knee in. To make sure you are setting this butterfly sweep up correctly, if you are controlling your opponent's elbow with your left hand, you need to step your butterfly hook in with your right leg. Thinking about how the sweep works, whatever side you have arm control on you need to have a butterfly hook on the opposite side.

As you shoot your other knee in, make sure it is nice and close to his body so you can really get it under him and use it to assist with leverage. Immediately after you sit up and shoot that knee in, you are going to begin to fall back onto your shoulder on the same side that you have the elbow grip. When you are doing this, it is important to make sure that your knee stays strong and straight against your opponent so it does not crumble, resulting in a failed sweep and likely a guard pass.

As you are falling back to your shoulder, you should be pulling your partner on top of you, balancing their weight on your shin as a frame. Really exaggerate the pull similar to a Judo throw, making sure your opponent's weight is properly distributed on top of you. You don’t want his weight to be too far back onto his feet because it will just make him heavier and harder to sweep.

When you get to this spot you are going to begin driving that butterfly hook to the opposite side, tucking his elbow in while driving yourself up onto your shoulder. Using that collar grip to help pull your opponent to the side you are sweeping him to will help immensely. If your setup was correct and you effectively shifted his weight on top of your shin, finishing the sweep from here will be a breeze.

As you come up to the top, it is important you are aware of where your legs are so you land in the mount and don’t get stuck in half guard. The important leg to pay attention to is the one that has the butterfly hook, as it will likely still be between your partner’s legs as you come to the top. Prepare for this so when the time comes you can either windshield wiper that leg to knee on belly, or to the otherside to come to the mount. The concept of the butterfly sweep is a technique that is usually taught early on. Like many techniques in Jiu Jitsu, it is not difficult to do but proper technique makes for flawless execution. 

About Marcos Tinoco

Marcos Tinoco is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt under Marcelo Garcia who has been training since age 16. Beginning his career in Rio de Janeiro with a competitively driven team training under many world renowned practitioners, it did not take long for Marcos to start dominating in tournaments.

Some of his highest achievements include 1st place at IBJJF Pan Championship No-Gi and IBJJF European Open, as well as IBJJF World Championship at brown belt. He is especially known for his impressive lasso guard, and has numerous instructionals dedicated to the ins and outs of that technique. Since earning his black belt in 2015, Marcos has continued to dominate in competition as well as teach all around the world.

About Marcos Instructionals

Marcos' passion for the art and for teaching has inspired him to produce a series of instructions to show the world the techniques that have brought him his success. Diving into the lasso guard with multiple instructionals, Marcos has also produced instructionals covering passing the half guard, closed guard sweeps and submissions, and so much more.

As you watch Marcos walk you through everything step by step, you can see and hear the passion he has for Jiu Jitsu. This passion mixed with hard work has paid off with an exceptional career and the opportunity to share his knowledge with those that are hungry for it. Whatever it is you want to work on, use Marcos techniques and start evolving your game to championship levels, check out his instructionals here!



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