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Sharpen Your Drilling Skills!

Sharpen Your Drilling Skills!


We spend a lot of time in training talking about techniques, whether it be submissions, or escapes or whatever the case may be.  What It seems does not get as much attention is drilling. To be more specific, drilling one slice of a technique, or maybe even just a basic transition.  Drilling this transition over and over and over again, almost as if we were drilling for cardio, but in all actuality we are drilling to build muscle memory so that if or when it happens in real life we not only able to respond to it, but we respond to it without thinking because we have built and trained the muscle memory response appropriately.  

Slow is smooth, smooth is fast as the saying goes.  Too many times in drilling we see people pushing the pace because they want to get the move down and be able to do it quickly, and of course that makes sense, but the reality of it is that when we start to speed it up before we are ready to speed it up we tend to lose details that are important to the technique.  As we start to lose those details, we then lose the technique, or at least we reduce the likelihood of the technique working. There is a reason for every detail in every technique, make sure you are training it properly and executing it to the fullest so that you have the best chance at completing the technique in competition, or on the mats at your academy.  

A personal favorite, and all around great drill to know and love is the Spin Behind Drill.  The spin behind drill is to be used when you are working to establish side control, but the opponent is able to roll towards you and secure an under hook on your arm nearest their waist.  


As soon as the under hook is achieved, we must use our hand closest to the opponent’s head to push their head down and pin it to the mat.  Using both hands to support our weight we need to hop up on our foot making a kickstand post directly north of the opponent’s head. This kickstand is only very temporary and allows us to get into the right position to then drop that kickstand back to our knee but positioned behind the opponent’s head this time.  As we drop to this knee and bring our hips to square up with the opponent, we want to raise our other knee off of the mat and plant our foot with our knee pointed up. 

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From here we want to back step quickly landing with our hip tight to the opponent, our left arm across their waist and our right leg planted and pointed up in the air.  From this position we are looking to switch our hips back towards the mats and establish our cross face and under hook grips for a standard side control hold position. One key detail that you will see in the video is how as he back steps he is planting his elbow of his left arm in the opponent’s hip and on the mat if possible.  Doing this is going to limit their ability to move that direction while we are back stepping and getting situated on the other side of the opponent.  

As you can tell, drilling is an extremely important part of your Jiu Jitsu training.  Believe it or not there is a such thing as bad drilling. You want to make sure you are reinforcing the proper body movements that support and encourage proper alignment with the techniques you are working on.  Not all drills need to be done with a partner either, there are a number of solo drills out there that you can do to help advance your Jiu Jitsu game.  

If you are ready to commit to drilling and drilling right, then it is time for you to check out Solo and Partner Grappling Drills for Rapid Movement by Tom DeBlass.  Tom needs no introduction, as one of the best grapplers and instructors on the planet he also boasts one of the largest social media followings in our sport.  There is no question Tom is a savage on and off the mats, so when he says doing these drills will improve your skills 4-5 times faster than just live training, I take his word on it and do the drills.  These drills are movement based drills that you can use for various things such as warm ups, cool downs, flow rolls, staying limber, whatever your need, there is a drill to bit the bill. 

Are you ready to take it to the next level?  Start drilling with Tom DeBlass today and see what his professional tips and advice can do for your game.  My guess is you will not be disappointed. There are 4 volumes included in the video instructional covering both partner and solo drills that can be added to supplement whatever training you are currently doing.  The benefits of proper drilling can not be overstated, from warming up to speeding up your techniques to injury prevention, and so much more. Do not wait on this one, this is something you can use for the rest of your career in Jiu Jitsu with an incredible return on investment. 

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