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Sharpen Your Smash Pass!

Sharpen Your Smash Pass!


Never leave home without it!

Depending on your preferred passing style the smash pass might not be a keystone of your game. For the stifling pressure passer, it is a key component to their game. Having a pressure style of passing is a great place to start for new people to Jiu-Jitsu. Smashing someone’s guard makes it much more confusing because they aren’t throwing all of these different variables your way while you are trying to pass.

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One of the key’s to passing the guard is to take action. Waiting for the opportunity to pass instead of causing the pass to happen, could ultimately lead to you being swept or submitted. Taking a step towards action can start a funneling effect. Funneling causes the guard player into a limited amount of responses. Reducing the variables of any problem makes the problem much more manageable. Our problem as the passer is conquering what guard is thrown at us.

Awesome Australian Craig Jones demonstrates a common smash pass here, but also shows how he forces the guard player to react. Mr. Jones is forcing and expecting this reaction. He is funneling his opponent into specific reactions that he can capitalize on. In this case it starts with and obvious knee cut and ends with the partner’s legs crossed and smashed.

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Craig also points out the importance of crossing the top leg over the bottom with your weight because again this limits the guard players.

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