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Tony Ferguson Vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov - Will We See It?

Tony Ferguson Vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov - Will We See It?


It Only Makes Sense Now? But Can It Happen?

After the wild events of UFC 229, the lightweight division of the UFC was shaken up, and the outcome was probably not what most had expected. In the end, Khabib chokes out McGregor to retain his title. We will not get into the details, and the after fight antics that went down that night. We got future fights to set up.

The same night, Tony Ferguson has a fantastic fight with Anthony Pettis. This fight ended in the 2nd round when Pettis’s corner waved the fight off, due to Pettis breaking his hand in the earlier rounds. Before the stoppage, Tony dominated on the feet, bloodying Pettis with heavy shots, and precise spinning back fists. The impression at the end of the fight was one that lent itself for all to agree that Ferguson is ready for his title shot. Beating a former champion in Anthony Pettis also sealed that thought.

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Let’s look ahead at the fight that everyone agrees needs to happen. Tony Ferguson Vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov.

It has to happen right? Tony vs. Khabib only makes sense. They are the 2 best light heavyweights in the UFC.  Khabib is undefeated, and Ferguson has won 11 fights in a row, not losing since 2012. Khabib needs a real challenge, and Tony deserves to give it to him.

But, there is just one caveat to this. Back in April, UFC President Dana White said he would never let this happen. That he would never book Tony Ferguson Vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov in the future. Why? Because the 2 gentlemen could never seem to get healthy at the same time. Khabib had never ending knee issues, and when he had been healthy, a freak accident at a press conference rendered Ferguson unable to fight Khabib at UFC 223. I believe it was just out of pure frustration (and after 4 failed attempts to make the fight, it only makes sense). But, has the tune changed now? Does White really have a choice? I think the people want to see it. And, Khabib and Tony are down for it.

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The match up would be perfect. Tony Ferguson is great on the feet, and has killer skills on the ground. The same with Khabib. Khabib has the ability to work the fight wherever he wants it. He was able to stun McGregor, and he absolutely decimated him (any many other) on the ground. But, Tony can work from the ground too. He has a great triangle, and a deadly D’Arce choke. Who do you have in this match up? Can Tony take Khabib’s “0”. Or can the historical domination of Khabib remain intact? Only time will tell, but gut feeling is we will see it sooner than later!

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