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Khabib Will Not be Stripped of His Title

Khabib Will Not be Stripped of His Title


Suspensions Likely To Play Out

The events that took place at UFC 229 continue to keep the media a blaze. After submitting Conor McGregor via rear naked choke, Khabib Nurmagomedov leaped into the crowd, and attacked McGregor’s BJJ coach, Dillon Danis. McGregor was also assaulted by member of Nurmagomedov’s team. Arrests were made, with charges later being dropped by McGregor. It was an unhealthy scene for the UFC, and Dana White has expressed his disdain for the entire situation in the days following the incident.

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There’s been a lot of questions surrounding what type of punishment might be handed down to Nurmagomedov. Dana White is now saying that Nurmagomedov will be keeping his title. But there’s still the issue of what the plans of the Nevada State Athletic Commission may have in store for the Russian. White has suggested the NAC fine Nurmagomedov $250,000, but time will tell.

There’s enough blame to go around here. But the fact remains, people were put in danger at UFC 229, and that’s just not ok. Coming off of a record-breaking night in PPV history for the UFC, the event will forever be overshadowed by the happenings at the end of the night, and it may in some ways be a setback for the organization.

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How will Nurmagomedov’s punishment compare to McGregor’s for the bus incident back in April? We’ll have to wait and see. White declares that McGregor was dealing with the state of New York and the Police, and Nurmagomedov is dealing with the NAC, two totally different entities, and the repercussions will be different as well.

With all the controversy surrounding these events, there’s still talk of a rematch. What do you think? Does McGregor deserve another shot?

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