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Should I Go For It?!?

Should I Go For It?!?


Attack early and often to set up your attack chain!

In the early stages of Jiu-Jitsu beginners can get a little too defense minded. Although defense is a must, often times this leads a newbie to put up a defensive wall. Depending on the experience of your opponent they could very well analyze and overcome your defensive strategy.

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Sometimes the best course of action is to attack. If you wait around for things to happen chances are things will happen to you, not for you. A strong attacking game is meant to put the opponent on the defensive. Typically, when the opponent is defending they are not attacking.

Tom DeBlass demonstrates this above with his scissor sweep/triangle set up. His opponent’s reactions determine the course of action Professor DeBlass will take. If the opponent is dead set on defending the sweep they will forsake the triangle defense, and vice versa. This attack chain is constantly forcing our opponent to react.

Often times good chain attackers will acknowledge that their true intention isn’t to land the first technique but the third or even fourth technique down the chain. That said the first technique in a chain should always be utilized correctly otherwise the opponent might not have to defend. If the opponent’s hand isn’t forced into action, we cannot capitalize on their choice. If the first technique in the chain is executed with intent, it very well might land and if it doesn’t it sets up our other attacks.

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Positions of dominance make the attack chain that much easier. Forcing your opponent to make choices from disadvantageous positions increases the chances of finishing the battle. The same could be said for the back attack system.

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