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Omoplata from The Over Hook with Professor Tom DeBlass

Omoplata from The Over Hook with Professor Tom DeBlass


Small Changes That Will Improve Your Omoplata!

Submissions from the closed guard in no gi can be tricky. With everything being so slippery and the absence of the grips we enjoy in the gi, our options become different. That doesn’t mean we can’t have a proficient no gi closed guard, it just means we have to adapt and choose the right ideas to implement for our particular situation.  

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The omoplata can be utilized no gi as a great option to submit, but this fundamental technique also provides us with some amazing opportunities to reverse our opponents. The massive amount of control we obtain over our partners shoulder with the omoplata provides us with the ability to manipulate them however we choose once it’s locked in.

In this video Tom DeBlass gives us some insight into the omoplata and how he chooses to set up and execute the technique. Have a look.

DeBlass sets up the omoplata from an over hook position, which he achieves by gaining inside control of his partners arms, opening his guard, shifting his hips, and getting to his right rib cage. DeBlass makes mention of the wristlock here, and a strong reversal while his bottom leg has still not been cleared.

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Perhaps one of the most appealing things about the way DeBlass is performing this technique, is that he’s not breaking his partner down for the finish. Moving in circles incessantly trying to flatten your opponent can become really monotonous and difficult with an agile or strong opponent. DeBlass makes a very nice switch here with his hands that allows him to cover his partners hips to prevent the roll, and secondly it gives him a post from which he can elevate his own hips to secure the submission. There are great concepts at work here. If you’ve been having trouble with utilizing the omoplata in the no gi closed guard, maybe this can help!

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