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Unlock The Secret To The Perfect Kimura From Side Control

Unlock The Secret To The Perfect Kimura From Side Control


How To Finish The Kimura EVERY TIME with John Danaher and Bernardo Faria

The kimura is one of the first major submissions you learn in Jiu Jitsu.  The kimura itself is a shoulder and elbow lock submission that can really bit attacked from anywhere including guard, but probably most notably attacking the kimura from side control. 

It is arguably the most famous submission due to it's name coming from when Masahiko Kimura (Japanese Ju Jitsu / Judo / Professional Wrestling) beat Helio Gracie (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) in Rio de Janeiro on October 23, 1951

Even though it's one of the submissions we all know, when you think about it, it's not a submission that you hit all the time ... especially from side control.  Most jiu jitsu practitioners find it difficult to finish the kimura from side control even when they have a very strong grip.  

Well - thank God we have a Grappling Wizard in John Danaher which can help us unlock the secrets of finishing the Kimura every time.


In this BJJ instructional video, John Danaher and Bernardo Fario break down how to finish the kimura from side control

The biggest problem according to John Danaher, most people tend to "push" the Kimura submission instead of "pull" the position.  In the kimura grip itself there is a push / pulling action, but when finishing the kimura, the pull is where it's at.
But that's only part of the secret.  

One of the main concepts John Danaher focuses on in this BJJ Video is the concept of the "Power Line Position". John Danaher has that way of simplifying things and relaying the information clearly so that we all have a better understanding of Jiu Jitsu.

If you've been grappling for any significant amount of time, once you hear the concept and how it applies to not only attacking the kimura from side control; but how the concept can be applied everything - your mind will be blow.

Who doesn't like getting their mind blown by John Danaher?


Here's the video of John Danaher showing you how to hit the perfect kimura from side control

The Kimura concept overall is a big world. Kimura attacks are everywhere and the grip itself is one of the best and strongest attacking grips ever.

Many grapplers use the kimura as their main "system" of attack / defense. Just like Craig Jones is a leg lock guy, guys like Mau Mau Robson de Lima.

Mau Mau is perhaps the best guy in the world at using the Kimura. He is a Masters world champion and a Black Belt under the legendary Master Julio Cesar Periera in Rio de Janiero.

He's got a 3 DVD / On Demand Set all on kimuras. This simplistic series is a complete and very. easy to use system. It will act as your guide to using the kimura as more than a submission but as your entire game.

Mau Mau breaks down how to use and attack the kimura with these jiu jitsu techniques:

Double Leg Defense Back Take Kimura and Variations
Half Guard Kimura Knee Cut Pass
Kimura Defense from Half Guard / Lapel Guard
Kimura Attacks and Back Attacks from Z-Guard and General Half Guard
The Fundamentals of Kimura Attacks from Closed Guard
Kimura and Arm Lock Entries from Guard
Kimura Attacks from Top Half
Side Control Kimura Attacks
North South Kimura Attacks
The Sakuraka Kimura Attack
Counter Submissions with Kimuras



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