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Setting Up the Double Leg

Setting Up the Double Leg


This Takedown Should be Part of Every Grappler's Game

Wrestling is a component of Jiu Jitsu that not all grapplers attempt to continuously improve in. As the guard game develops, Jiu Jitsu practitioners will often ignore the takedowns as they are more certain they can successful on the ground. Some argue that the whole goal of wrestling in Jiu Jitsu is to get to the ground, but it can be done the same if one just sits. If done effectively, wrestling forces our opponents down to the ground in inferior positions relative to the ones they would establish if they pull guard. Also, maintaining the top position is easier than defending guard pass, so why not get the top position?

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Although wrestling takedowns are technical and intricate techniques themselves, they will only be as successful as the set ups. There is no point in learning all the intricacies of a double leg if one does not know how to set them up. With that being said, I would like to share a few double leg set ups that I use to consistently get to the double leg position. These set ups are very simple and safe.


The first set up I use constantly not to only attack the double leg but threaten takedowns is extremely simple. Typically, when grapplers wrestle, they will battle for hand position and gaining the superior clinch. In this battle, grips are constantly being removed and returned. To set up almost any shooting takedown while in the clinch, I will often break grips and separate slightly from my partner. As my partner begins to approach again, they will usually begin reaching for grips. As they reach, this is a great opportunity to quickly go under the gripping hands and get to the legs.

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The next set up is also quite simple and begins in the clinch position. Rather than entirely separating, you can simply let go of your grips, place your hands under the elbows and push them up strongly and quickly. From here, the takedown is wide open. Another easy set-up from when your partner has a collar tie is by hooking your hand over the elbow of the collar tie. From here, raise their elbow up and shoot down for your takedown.


These set ups have one main characteristic that can be attributed to their success. We are distracting our opponent using their upper body so that they open up their lower body. From this idea alone, many different set ups can be used that will lead to quick and effective finishes.

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