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Shoulder Pin Arm Bar From Neil Melanson

Shoulder Pin Arm Bar From Neil Melanson


Versatile Submission From Ground Marshal

The guard by nature is a defensive position.  On a basic level, the closed guard is a place to maintain distance and control, protecting from the guard pass or potential strikes in a self defense scenario.  The half guard developed as a last ditch effort to prevent the guard pass in competition settings, but it has become much more active and aggressive in the hands of competitors like Bernardo Faria, Tom DeBlass and MMA coaches like Neil Melanson.

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Neil Melanson has always had his own approach to grappling which is a hybrid of catch wrestling, jiu jitsu, and any other grappling style that works.  His Ground Marshal system has been used by many high-level combat athletes in the UFC, Bellator and other MMA organizations.

Ground Marshal Half Guard Shoulder Pin Arm Bar

In the video below excerpted from his latest release from BJJ Fanatics, The Ground Marshal Half Guard, he demonstrates a powerful half guard arm submission that will make your half guard a place for your opponents to fear rather than catch their breath.  Check it out below!

 Are you ready to strike fear in the heart of anyone who dares allow themselves to get trapped in your half guard?  With The Ground Marshal Half Guard from Neil Melanson, you will learn all of the savage techniques that made him one of the most sought after grappling and MMA coaches in the world.  Get it here from BJJ Fanatics!






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