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Motivate Yourself With This Mikey Musumeci Highlight

Motivate Yourself With This Mikey Musumeci Highlight


Young Gun Highlight Will Get You Moving

BJJ highlight videos are one of the best tools to get yourself excited to get out there and train.  If you're ever in a position where your motivation is lagging, a quick three to five minute video like the one below can get you charged up and ready to get on those mats.  Highlight videos are the BJJ equivalent of listening to Eye of the Tiger or We are the Champions for your eyes.  Watching the top level competitors work their magic can really inspire you and show you what's possible if you work hard enough.

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Mikey Musumeci is currently the top American young gun grappler having won his 2nd black belt world title at the tender age of 22 years old.  In the short highlight video below we see Mikey doing his thing.  With a boyish grin reminiscent of that kid from Stranger Things and the skills of a jiu jitsu assassin, Mikey Musumeci is far from reaching his full potential.  It's gonna be exciting to watch him develop over the coming years.  Check out the highlight video below!

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