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The Miyao Brothers Taste Victory and Disappointment at UWW Grappling Worlds

The Miyao Brothers Taste Victory and Disappointment at UWW Grappling Worlds


Paulo DQ'd After UWW Upholds USADA Ban

On of jiu-jitsu’s most decorated competitors was caught off guard this weekend while competing at the UWW 2018 World Grappling Championship. After submitting his first opponent, Paulo Miyao was disqualified from the competition. Miyao had received a two-year suspension after testing positive for clomiphene, a substance prohibited by the world anti-doping code at the 2016 IBJJF World Championships. The suspension is due to be lifted on the 29th of September. Miyao claims he thought his suspension would only be enforced by the IBJJF, and did not know the UWW followed the same protocol. Since the suspension Miyao has competed for a variety of other grappling organizations, including ADCC, that do not follow the same USADA or WADA suspensions. 

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Joao Puts Opponent to Sleep

Paulo’s brother Joao is having a very different weekend. After staring with a bye, Joao made his way to the finals with relative ease, engaging in some interesting match ups along the way. In the final, Miyao shared the spotlight with Akhmed Iasaev, who hails from the Dagestan region, known for its phenomenal wrestling. As you would assume, Joao pulled guard immediately, which lead to an armbar. Iasaev defended the fully locked submission for an impressive amount of time. Miyao then switched to a triangle, but was still unable to get the tap from Iasaev, and the submission eventually rendered him unconscious.

With one of the Miyao’s DQ’ed only Joao will go on to participate in the gi portion of the competition being held tomorrow. He’ll be fighting for his second title of the event.

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