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Showtime Stops The Show In Nashville

Showtime Stops The Show In Nashville



Anthony Pettis made a triumphant debut at welterweight in Nashville against Top 5 opponent Stephen Wonderboy Thompson. Leading up to the bout much was made about size difference, and perceived striking advantage of Wonderboy.

As the fight went on it started to look more and more like Wonderboy would start to eventually edge out Pettis on the feet. Pettis was wearing the shots on his face, but at the same time was chewing up Thompson’s legs. As the second round was coming to a close Pettis added perhaps the finest of highlights to his highlight real.


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Using the fence Pettis launched a lightning fast superman punched that caught wonderboy off guard. After two consecutive blows Wonderboy was out and Pettis immediately makes a huge statement in the Welterweight division. The arena leaped to their feet at the sight of the underdog coming back after the fire fight.

Speaking of Wonderboy he offered a candid inside look behind the scenes after his devastating loss on his Facebook. Check out the lengthy behind the scenes at possibly the classiest guy in MMA.

It’s hard to watch this and not feel sorry for Wonderboy, but at the same time not become even more of a fan. To call it refreshing is an understatement. So where does he go from here? Recently Wonderboy was asking for a match with Robbie Lawler, who would likely oblige him in a stand up battle. Both fighters are coming off of a loss so it makes sense on that end. Make it happen, the fans are sure to win in that scenario.

Pettis will surely make a large leap into the top of one of the  UFC’s most exciting divisions. This will make 3 Roufusport athletes in the top ten in Pettis, Askren, and former champ Tyron Woodley. Jorge Masvidal may have a match with Leon Edwards locked up but if he’s looking for a little clout against a former champion a match with Pettis would surely grab the attention of fight fans.

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