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Shut Down the X-Guard with Isaque Bahiense

Shut Down the X-Guard with Isaque Bahiense


A Tricky Guard To Pass, But Here Are Some Secrets!

The x-guard is an incredibly dynamic position. It lends itself readily to dozens of different transitions, submissions, and reversals. If you’ve ever trained with some that has a very efficient x-guard, it can feel like you’re attempting to ride a skateboard for the first time. The off-balancing properties of the x-guard are downright treacherous, and if your opponent is knowledgeable in the position, you only have seconds to react before succumbing to its sorcery.

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So how do we successfully pass a good x-guard? How do we establish our balance and structure long enough to begin to unlock the position? Take a look at this video with Isaque Bahiense. He’s got some great answers on how to incrementally dismantle the position and free himself from its mayhem. Take a look.

With a firm grip on his partners lapel Bahiense pinches his knees together to prevent the spreading out of his base, and being off-balanced. Once Bahiense is established in his base he transfers his weight to the leg nearest to his partners head. This allows the far leg to become light and mobile. He swims the light leg around the front of his partners knee to the inside, and plants it on the floor. He then folds his front knee in towards his partners belly, c-grips the remaining x-guard hook to keep it from extending, and passes his left leg to the outside of his partners body. At the close of the technique Bahiense secures side control.

There’s a lot of important things being addressed here. Bahiense shuts down the most important aspects of the x-guard with this beautiful counter.  

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