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Finally Pass The Lasso Guard With Ezekiel Choke With Lucas Hulk Barbosa

Finally Pass The Lasso Guard With Ezekiel Choke With Lucas Hulk Barbosa


Lasso Guard Pass with Lucas “Hulk” Barbosa

Often times, when discussing the greatest Brazilian Jiu Jitsu players of all time, the name Lucas Barbosa will come up. Lucas “Hulk” Barbosa is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt under Andre Fabiano. Lucas competings for the Marcio Rodrigues team and his break through came in 2014 after his dominating performances throughout the “THE TEAM” episodes, a web based show produced by Copa Pódio. The list of Lucas Barbosa’s accolades is long. Some of his main achievements are IBJJF World Champion, IBJJF Asian Open Champion, IBJJF Pans Champion, IBJJF World No-Gi Champion, IBJJF European Open Champion, IBJJF European No Gi Open Champion, USBJJF / IBJJF American Nationals Champion, USBJJF IBJJF American Nationals No Gi Champion.

The Lasso Guard is one of the most difficult guards to pass. The Over Under Pressure Pass System by Bernardo Faria makes the lasso guard look like a little bitch.


Today Lucas “Hulk” Barbosa is here to demonstrate his lasso guard pass. The lasso guard can be one of the most difficult guards for us to deal with. Lucas Barbosa is one of the most decorated Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighters there is and he is a passing machine. Here he is going to show us one of his best lasso guard passes. This position can be easily implemented by anyone. Pay attention to the details and destroy everyone's lasso. Watch the video below and then we will break down Lucas Barbosa’s technique. Check it out now!

As Lucas “Hulk” Barbosa demonstrates, the goal of this lasso guard pass is to hit the Ezekiel Choke from the back. Lucas starts off the demonstration from top lasso guard position. His training partner (guy on bottom) has his foot hooks in, has is lasso set, and is controlling both of Lucas Barbosa’s arms and posture with his grips. To counter this, Lucas Barbosa stands, takes a step back, and drives forward with his knee, putting pressure on his training partner’s leg at the hamstring. This enables you to release some of the pressure from the guard leg and start setting yourself up for a pass. From here Lucas Barbosa circles his hand and grabs the inside leg using the gi pants. Now your opponent no longer has use of that leg to defend. If he has the spider guard, with his foot in your elbow and his leg fully extended, you want to do the same thing: take a step back, which released the pressure, step forward and drive with your knee. It is important to remember that if you do not take a step back you will be too close to your training partner and he will pull you over.

Now that you have the first leg cleared, and your grip established you want to walk to the side of your training partner. This is in order to break the lasso and pass the guard. It is very important to remember that when you step to the side you step over your training partner’s leg. Take notice of Lucas “Hulk” Barbosa’s foot work on this step of the technique, it is very important to get right. Now that you have stepped to the side of your training partner you sit down as if you are going for the knee slice. There is a crucial detail here that Barbosa shares with us. You want to use the momentum of shooting for the knee slice to circle your hand and break the lasso grip. This should all be done at once. If you pressure down into the knee slicer but your hand it still stuck, it is too late, and this pass will not work.

Once you have the knee slice and have circled your arm around to the outside of your training partner’s thigh you want to establish a collar grip. With the hand that is grabbing the outside of your training partner’s thigh, pull the leg to break the grip and dismantle the lasso. You might want to pause the video here and take note of just how good Lucas Barbosa’s positioning is now. He still has the knee slice, and he has completely broken down his training partner’s guard, giving the bottom player very little opportunity to successfully defend or counter.

After you pull the leg, re-establish your grip on that side at your training partner’s hip. Make sure your arm is dropped down on the inside of your opponent’s leg. A good training partner is going to know that you are about to go for the knee slice pass, and will frame against your shoulder and hips as he pushes away to clear his hips so he can pass his leg over and recover his guard. When this happens what you want to do next is block the leg using your hand and grabbing behind your training partner’s calve. Now you want to switch your grip and passing to the opposite side with a leg drag. From here Lucas Barbosa grabs the collar and the gi pants and slides his arm underneath his training partner’s neck. This allows him to jump to the side, gripping his own sleeve, and pass to the neck with an Ezekiel choke already in place, ready to nail a fast submission.

There are a lot of important details to remember in this technique. Remember that the first thing you need to do is stand up and take a step back in order to establish a strong base. Once you circle your hands and get your grips you want to immediately go for the knee slice. It is very important to keep these movements going instantly in rapid succession. I recommend training this slow at first, so that you pick up on all the details of the technique. Once you understand all the details when it comes to getting your grips, setting the knee slice, and clearing the legs to get the pass, you can work on the fluidity of the entire motion. The best part about this technique is that even when your training partner has an opportunity to reestablish lasso guard by framing against you, you exploit this movement to pass to the other side. If you play against a good lasso guard player it is certain they will not see this one coming. I also think it is really cool how this pass sets you up with the perfect grips for an Ezekiel choke. That is really impressive! So give this lasso guard pass from Lucas “Hulk” Barbosa a try the next time you are training on the mats in a live roll or in competition. It could just be what you need to effectively pass lasso guard and get a quick Ezekiel choke submission! I hope you found this technique useful. Big thanks to Lucas Barbosa for demonstrating this technique for us today!

Bernardo Faria is the master of the over under passing system. I mean... come on, he's a 5x Black Belt World Champion and master of the pressure pass. In fact he actually shares with you his system for smashing with the over under grip and his pressure passing system that requires athleticism, strength, or energy. You easily and confidently destroy every guard with simple guard passing concepts and pressure, its all about the pressure baby!!




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