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Simple Lapel Sweep from Alliance Legend

Simple Lapel Sweep from Alliance Legend


Bernardo Faria recently met up with one of the legends of the sport, Alliance founding member Alexandre "Gigi" Paiva who shared a simple lapel sweep that works great when the opponent is trying to maintain safe distance and remain heavy back on their heels.

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Paiva sets this sweep up by first trying to move Bernardo off of his base and onto his legs.  The causes Bernardo to back up and sit on his heels.  Obviously if it did not, you would simply sweep the opponent over with your legs.  Once Bernardo has settled in, Paiva extends his legs to come up to a seated guard position.

The space created from this adjustment allows Paiva to snake his arm through and grab the lower portion of Bernardo's lapel.  This effectively connects Bernardo to Paiva and makes it nearly impossible for a knee slice pass.  The only real and sensible reaction is for Bernardo to step away and try to pressure his way into a pass.  

It is exactly this step that Paiva wants which allows him to go under the leg and sweep Bernardo to the side.  He uses a lapel grip on the opposite leg and comes up to the top position.  Simple and effective sweep that they'll never see coming!

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